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The positive aspect of the tracker, as known as an hack, is that it works on all systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac. If you encounter any bugs or problems when using this tool, please contact us.

About anonymous tracker!

Ask.Fm is a website where anyone can ask any question they want. This means that you can get questions from anyone anywhere. These questions can lead to some lively and exciting discussions, ones that make you think and keep you from getting bored, but there are some serious downsides to this service, as you doubtless know by now.

There are many advantages to anonymity but sometimes there are drawbacks, too. You know that when people are anonymous and don’t think that anyone can track them down, they feel free to say and do things that they would not ordinarily say or do. This opens the door to cyber bullying and harassment.

Do you feel harassed or upset by the questions someone is asking you? Do you wish you could find out who they are and get them to stop hassling you on Ask.Fm? Do you want to enjoy the service free from the stress and issues that come with vicious people working behind the safety of anonymous computer screens?

Find any user on Ask.Fm. It doesn’t matter which user they are or where they live. Our service will give you the information you need to find them where they live. You can get their username and their IP address. With this information, you can not only contact them, in many cases you can find them in the real world.

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How does the tracker work?

No one can hide from our service and we can find your anonymous annoyance. It doesn’t matter where you are or where your harasser is, our safe and completely anonymous service will break through Ask.Fm’s protections so you can find the person that has been causing you problems. Never worry about being bothered on Ask.Fm again.

We take a service that you love--Ask.Fm--and make it much better by removing the problems you face. You can finally enjoy the website just the way it was intended to be used because we will remove the problems that sometimes make using the site stressful or unpleasant. Don’t worry about any issues you are having on Ask.Fm, because we can fix it for you.

No matter what platform you use, our service will work. We find the user names and IP addresses of your annoying users no matter whether you are a Windows user, an Apple fanboy, or a Linux power user. All the platforms can be addressed the same way, and we are able to do the tracking regardless of whatever platform your harasser uses as well. Download our pruduct today!

We keep you anonymous while you track down the people that bother you. You can get all the benefits of the Ask.Fm service while avoiding the problematic issues that sometimes arise from the anonymous nature of the service.