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The positive aspect of the tracker, as known as an hack, is that it works on all systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac. If you encounter any bugs or problems when using this tool, please contact us.

About anonymous tracker! is one of the biggest networks allowing you to post anonymous questions to all users. It also allows other people to ask you any type of question they want to. Thus, there are annoying and hateful questions you occasionally may receive when using it, anonymous finder is a tool that allows you to obtain the username, IP address, location and possibly the telephone number, of any anonymous users sending you uncomfortable statements. We help improve the service that the social network offers by protecting its users from all kinds of online bullying.

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Don’t be afraid to use because of the anonymous hate you might face. We work hard to prevent and cease the cyber bullying that goes on at Let us hope that we can move forward together to achieve our goal. Webutation

How does the tracker work?

The network offers one of the most secure services online. However, thanks to our program which has unbreakable security, your anonymity is kept intact from the system. As a user of the network you are, too, prevented from suspension. The tracker also has a built in auto updater which installs all the latest updates the moment we release them! Thus, always keeping the program updated to the latest version.

What do we provide?

Not only does the anonymous tracker allow you to find the IP addresses of the cyber bullies, but also their location and username. Having all this information, you then have the option to either block, ignore or send a report to Ask.Fm complaining about the user.